Keyboard Not Responding

Fix Try #1:

This is unconfirmed at the point of this writing, but I (Noby Nobriga) have concluded this problem to be in the Yamaha Universal Driver Version 1.2. When connecting a keyboard or other MIDI compatible device to the In Port of the CBX-T3 using the version 1.2 of the Yamaha driver, you may experience periods when your T3 will not respond or pass through any information coming into its In Port. To correct this problem, download the newest version of the driver from the link in these archives. You should not experience this problem any longer.

Again, this has not been confirmed officially, but it does seem to be working for me.

Download the newest version of the Yamaha Serial Driver

Fix Try #2:

Try using a different IRQ for the com port the CBX-T3 is connected to.
--Provided by Martin Netteus (merra@tripnet.se)
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